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4/4/16:  We apologize if you had any issues attempting to complete your purchase on 4/1 or 4/2.  We promise you that we had not intended to play an April Fools Prank of any sort!  We have resolved the issue with our merchant services provider and are back up and running.  Thank you for your patience and keep your eyes peeled here (as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages) for a couple of HUGE announcements that will be coming your way later this week!  We have been a little quiet as of late but we promise you that we haven’t been hibernating… stay tuned!!  


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About Us


Welcome to your official online home for Rocky Mountain Kratom! Here it is our mission to bring you nothing but the highest grade of fresh organic kratom powder that you will find in the United States.

Since our grand opening in beautiful Denver, CO, we have made it our mission to seek out highly experienced and quality driven suppliers of kratom powder who also reside directly in Southeast Asia, the indigenous home of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree (and where all kratom powder sold around the world originates from). We actively sought out a source who could provide a level of quality that that we could count on to consistently meet or exceed the expectations of every customer who comes into our shop as well as ourselves.

Our suppliers know where and what to look for when selecting the best trees to harvest their kratom leaves from and they know how to consistently produce the level of quality that satisfies the needs of both professional laboratory researchers, bulk natural product/craft makers and casual hobbyists alike. They are able to do so with the help of their advanced processing equipment, first-rate kratom production facilities as well as an unsurpassed wealth of harvesting experience and knowledge that has been passed down for over hundreds of years (kratom was originally discovered in the Malay Peninsula in the 19th century where it soon took off in popularity and has remained a steady part of the culture in numerous parts of Southeast Asia ever since).

That knowledge is applied in a number of ways such as helping our suppliers to recognize which trees in a region are ideal to harvest the choice kratom leaves from (mature trees are all that we use). The goal is always to produce the best kratom possible and after thoroughly cleaning those leaves they are then processed into a rich and finely ground powder that is then shipped directly to us! No sitting on warehouse shelves for months at a time, we are constantly circulating our supply so that you only get the freshest product that is apparent even just by appearance and aroma.

We are so confident that our quality will live up to your expectations that we offer a money back guarantee of up to $40 for new customers if you are not satisfied with your first order and we will even let you keep the remainder with no questions asked. If you are not satisfied with any future purchases we will swap out the remainder of what you have for a different variety of equal value under the condition that you are willing to either cover shipping costs or visit our shop in person for the exchange. (Any powder that is returned is either donated to our staff or thrown away. If donated, it is always stored away from the rest of our kratom supply and never used for re-sale or mixed with our fresh supply).  Click below to get started:


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  • As of yesterday our CC reader stopped working so unfortunately until further notice WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT CASH. Thank you for your patience.

  • We have been pretty quiet lately but we promise you that we haven’t been coasting… stay tuned for a couple of HUGE announcements this week!!

Our business hours

Monday - Sunday09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Please be advised that our shop is located in a shared office/retail building and the entrance to access our shop is locked on the weekends (the doors are unlocked for walk-ins during our 9am-7pm business hours Mon-Fri). This is at the request of our neighbors as we are the only business/personnel on-site inside the building on the weekends. 


You may either contact us at 1-844-594-7068 (landline) or 720-717-0606 (text line) upon arrival (or even ahead of time with your order so we can have it ready to go upon your arrival) and one of our staff members will unlock the front doors for you and escort you to our shop upstairs.

Unfortunately, we do not have reserved parking for our customers at this time however there is usually ample 2 hour parking available 1 block west of our shop off of Acoma Street.


Thank you for your patience with our unorthadox setup on the weekends that we currently have to work around.  We look forward to eventually moving into our own exclusive building and storefront as our business continues to grow (we promise before July)!